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Passports / Visa:
For some destinations, a tourist visa is mandatory to enter a country.  It is important to ensure that your passport is valid and has the appropriate visa within, otherwise boarding ex UK may be denied or you may be refused entry upon arrival at your destination.  Some countries will issue a tourist visa upon arrival, others require issuing in the country of origin at the appropriate embassy. Most countries require a minimum of 6 - 9 months validity to be remaining on your passport at the time of departure.

Travel restrictions and advisories
Prior to travelling please check the countries tourist board website for further details about covid-19 testing and restrictions once there. For Government responses click here for the latest information.

No country at this time requires a certificate of vaccination against smallpox or cholera.

Yellow fever:
This is the only disease for which an actual certificate of vaccination is required for international travel, if applicable to the destination / transit point chosen.

This is cited as a health risk in many areas and the prophylactics to protect against it are varied, please contact your doctor/ health centre or chemist to check which ones are required.

Many vaccinations are also recommended as a matter of course whatever your destination, even if you are just travelling in the UK, these include tetanus, typhoid and polio.
Where 'recommended ' is indicated on the health section, the specific country and/or World Health Organisation have suggested the immunisations there within.
You may also check the following sites for further information:

Touchdown will not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or damages resulting from information contained within this site, which is subject to change at any time. Please consult the appropriate consulate/embassy and health centre/chemist for clarification.

Travelling to the United States of America Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA)

Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA)

ESTA (the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) is an online application system related to travellers from Visa Waiver Countries who wish to enter the United States (US) for tourism or transit, or for business or medical reasons. The purpose of ESTA USA is to pre-screen travellers bound for the US by air or sea. ESTA Travel authorisations are normally valid for two years. When travelling to the US with an ESTA Travel authorisation, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days.

The Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) is a United States government Programme that enables citizens from all the Visa Waiver Countries to enter the US for business, pleasure or transit without obtaining a tourist visa in advance. The advantage of entering the US with an travel authorisation is that you can travel there on short notice. However, not everybody can enter the US under the VWP: only citizens of the Visa Waiver Countries are eligible to apply. Participating Visa Waiver countries can be found at

It is important to know if you are qualified for an ESTA authorisation before you submit your online application.
The requirements are that:

  • The traveller has a valid passport lawfully issued by a VWP country.
  • The traveller has no criminal record in the US.
  • The traveller intends to enter the US for 90 days or less for business, pleasure or transit.
  • The traveller is a citizen or national of one of the VWP countries.
  • No forms need to be printed and you are not required to go to a US embassy or consulate in person.

It is easy to apply - customers can provide the information on their PC or most internet ready mobile phones at

Before travelling to the US, you should take some time to get to know the different regulations to avoid unexpected incidents at your arrival. When you pass through the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), your documents will be reviewed. In addition, a CBP officer will perform the US-VISIT process.

The US Embassy in London has some useful FAQs and other information.

The ESTA website also has further information at

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