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Q: How do I get a quote on a hotel or cruise?
A: Use the search engine on the relevant pages of this website.  The sections are marked clearly at the top of each page with the tabs for Resort, Cruise & River Cruise.

Q: Can I make a booking over the phone?
A: Yes!  Call our reservations line on 01293 425000 (Mon-Fri 0845-1730 and Sat 0930-1330).  Note that confirmation of employment may be required when booking, your sales agent will inform you if this is required.
Q: Can I check availability for accommodation?
A: We have a few resorts which are contracted to us on a 'free sell' basis which means we can offer instant confirmation for a potential booking.  However, the vast majority of hotels that we contract worldwide are on a request basis. By not taking and managing an allocation at hotels means that we can ensure that we are driving down the cost as low as possible by allowing the hotel to confirm your accommodation only if it is available at the time of your request.

Q: How long does it take for hotels to confirm?
A: We request the hotel accommodation as soon as we receive your booking request in the vast majority of cases.  Normally we would hope to have confirmation by the next working day and certainly within 3 working days after receipt of your booking request.

Q: What is occupancy for your resort prices advertised on the website?
A: Our rates are based on per room per night, with 2 adults sharing unless otherwise annotated.

Q: What is occupancy for your cruise prices advertised on the website?
A: Our cruise prices are advertised as per person, based on 2 adults sharing. If you require a single supplement or 3 or 4 berth occupancy, please call us for pricing.

Q: What happens if my cruise or hotel is are not available?
A: We will endeavour to find an alternative cruise or hotel, similarly priced.


Q: Which deals am I eligible for?
A: When you register on the Touchdown | Travel Industry Services website, you will be asked which sector of the industry you work in (ie. travel agent / tour operator, airline employee etc...)  What you enter here will ensure that you see the relevant pricing and deals that pertains to your employment sector within the industry.

Q: What is an IATA letter?
A: It is a letter issued in accordance with IATA resolution 788, 880 or 881 by your staff travel department, to request and confirm interline concession entitlement which we require when you book certain products.

Q: When should my IATA letter or letter of employment be issued by my employer and sent to Touchdown where required?
A: We require this at the time of booking, our sales team will let you know.

Q: Who can I take with me?
A: In most cases you can take your spouse or companion and your dependent children (aged under 21yrs). Note that your companion need not be the person/s named in your staff travel's nominated partner scheme (if you are an airline employee. Many of our offers are open to the staff family and friends, even if they are travelling independently, give us a call for more details.

Q: Which parts of air traffic control are deemed eligible under 'Air traffic control associations'?
A: Ukatts, Ukatets, IATCA (Ikatts Eire), Iatets, NATS, GATCO and EGATS for staff in UK and Eire, plus overseas ATC staff (many of which provide staff details to Touchdown on a regular basis confirming who works there / is a member).

Q: I am retired staff , can I still use these offers?
A: Retired AIRLINE staff can use many of them, subject to providing an IATA 788 letter for offers where prudent.

Q: I am an unlicensed travel agent, can I still travel?
A: Yes.  A letter of employment is still required for certain carriers and extra checks will be carried out to verify agent credentials in the absence of licenses, if Touchdown are not satisfied with these then we reserve the right to refuse applications.

Q: I  am a Travel Trust Association (TTA) member, am I eligible?
A: You are eligible if you provide a TTA number and are employed as a travel agent. TTA members employed as tour operators should refer to 'Tour operators (unlicensed)' category.

Q: I am travel industry staff based overseas, am I eligible?
A: Yes.

Meal Codes

Q: What the meal code abbreviations stand for?

  • AI - All Inclusive - all meals , drinks plus extras
  • AID - All Inclusive Dine Around
  • AIG - All Inclusive Gold
  • AIP - All Inclusive Plus/Premium
  • BB - Bed and Breakfast
  • HB - Breakfast and Dinner
  • HBP - Breakfast and Dinner plus extras
  • FB - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 
  • FBP - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plus extras
  • RO - Room Only

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